Current Opera: Sāvitri

HGO brings live opera back to London with an open-air, socially-distanced production of Gustav Holst’s Sāvitri , a tale of life, death, illusion and hope powerfully resonant with our times. HGO is dedicated to supporting singers at the start of their careers – they will lead the return of vibrant opera to the capital.

Subject to government regulations, the open-air production of this one-act opera will take place  in the gardens of Lauderdale House, Highgate, with two performances per evening on the
13th, 15, 20th and 22nd August –

The production will be staged by  Julia Mintzer, and conducted by Thomas Payne. Details of the HGO cast, orchestra and chorus to be announced shortly.

 Sāvitri is told by Death that her husband Satyavān is about to die. When he returns from his day’s work in the forest he collapses. Death now offers Sāvitri a wish, and she asks for ‘Life’. Death agrees, but Sāvitri then points out that life for her is indivisible from her husband’s life. Death has been tricked and admits defeat. Satyavān revives: even death, like life, is ‘Māyā’ – illusion.


Savitri: Lizzie Holmes
Savitri: Joanna Harries
Satyavan: Alex Aldren
Death: Dan D'Souza
Dancer: Laura Calcagno

Savitri: Esme Bronwen Smith

Satyavan: Jack Roberts
Death: Theo Perry

Production Team

Production Director: Julia Mintzer
Music Director: Thomas Payne
Company Manager: Ryan Wilce
Assistant Director: Eleanor Burke
Choregrapher: Anne-Claire Mary