Current Opera: The Enchanted Pig (Nov 2017)

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November 10th to November 19th

At Jacksons Lane Theatre Highate

Jonathan Dove’s


Libretto by Alasdair Middleton

A fairytale opera for children aged 8-80

Director – Laura Attridge

Music Director – Hannah Quinn

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The Enchanted Pig is a magical journey of an opera,” says director Laura Attridge, “Based on a Romanian fairy tale, the story explores the different forms love can take, and celebrates love’s transformative power. Our protagonist is Flora, a princess who goes literally to the ends of the earth (and beyond!) to rescue her husband, the eponymous Enchanted Pig, from the Old Woman who has kidnapped him. On the way, she meets an extraordinary array of characters, each with something to teach her, including Mr and Mrs North Wind, Moon, Sun and Day.

The piece presents a unique and exciting opportunity for our cast and creative team. Having been commissioned and first produced by the Young Vic, the opera is a wonderful tapestry of musical and theatrical styles. The cast of eight are additionally required to play some fifteen named characters between them, as well as each playing a Chorus role. For me, exploring the richness of the piece is proving one of the great joys of directing it, and I’m confident that it will be unlike any opera our audience has experienced before. It’s hilarious but it’s also moving and meaningful: it balances darkness and light beautifully, and it will appeal to all ages, no matter what their past experience of opera.”

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Nov 10/12/15/17/18 (19:30)

Chorus 1/Mab/Adelaide: Anna Cavaliero
Chorus 2/Dot/Day: Rebecca Hardwick
Chorus 3/Flora: Flora Macdonald
Chorus 4/Book of Fate/Old Woman/Mrs N: Christie Cook
Chorus 5/King of the East/Moon: David Horton
Chorus 6/King of the West/Sun: Lars Fischer
Chorus 7/King Hildebrand/North Wind: Thomas Asher
Chorus 8/Pig: Dan D'Souza

Nov 11/14/16/18 (14:30)/19

Chorus 1/Mab/Adelaide: Rosanna Harris
Chorus 2/Dot/Day: Rebekah Smith
Chorus 3/Flora: Hannah Bennett
Chorus 4/Book of Fate/Old Woman/Mrs N: Stephanie Wake-Edwards
Chorus 5/King of the East/Moon: Alex Haig
Chorus 6/King of the West/Sun: Benjamin Durrant
Chorus 7/King Hildebrand/North Wind: Julian Chou-Lambert
Chorus 8/Pig: Jack Lawrence-Jones

Production Team

Production Director: Laura Attridge
Music Director: Hannah Quinn
Designer: Isa Shaw-Abulafia
Lighting Designer: Robbie Butler
Assistant Music Director: Michael Robson-Kiernan
Movement Director: Caitlin Fretwell Walsh
Stage Manager: Lara Goncalves