Our Alumni

What we do…..by those who have sung with us…..

Monwabisi Lindi

La Bohème (November 2019) (now offered training by National Opera Studio, London).

HGO has given me the chance to follow my dream to sing in opera houses as a soloist . Without HGO this would never have happened. Thank you to every member of the HGO family!

Laurence Williams

I have been involved in two productions with HGO. A lot of my experiences of involvement in opera had been at student level and not always positive. HGO creates the best possible atmosphere for creative and inspiring working. It is a privilege to work with other colleagues my age and helps us to feel we are all in the same boat. The opportunity to work at such a high level with directors who are already working in the professional industry is fantastic.
I cannot recommend the work HGO does highly enough. It is providing unique opportunities to young singers to perform operatic works at a high level and I am so grateful that I have been involved in this. It has kept me wanting to do more!

Stephanie Wake-Edwards

After studying sociology at university, HGO gave me the necessary high level stage experience I really needed. When I first moved back to London after studying, HGO became a large part of my life from 2016-17 (Magic Flute ‘16, Poppea ‘17 and The Enchanted Pig ‘17). Every member of all the artistic teams was already an accomplished professional  who coached and taught me how to be a better musician, performer and colleague. I made some of my best friends whilst performing with HGO and continue to work and socialise with many I have met during that time.  It was my first taste of what life as a professional singer might entail – performing a full run of shows in a proper theatre with proper critics providing very necessary reviews for self promotion and future employment!  I had, quite literally, the time of my life being nurtured and am extremely proud to be a part of the HGO family.I am a huge supporter of their work and ALWAYS encourage rising singers and colleagues to audition and get involved as best they can.  I don’t know any other companies that provide the same level of experience as HGO do whilst maintaining a tremendous amount of heart.  HGO played an incredibly large role in shaping me into who I am today as a performer and person. For that I am enormously grateful.

Emily Phillips

Mansfield Park (April 2013)

HGO is one of the finest small opera companies I have worked with. Their production teams are drawn from the professional operatic world who, having worked in prestigious opera houses themselves, never fail to create exciting, imaginative, and often challenging productions for their singers. I’ve had the opportunity to learn and perform whole roles with HGO, which has provided a backbone to my training and boosted my own professional career. Since singing with the company, I have performed several seasons with Opera Holland Park and was awarded a cover role at Grange Park Opera this year. HGO’s reputation has grown considerably over the last few years, attracting interest from opera critics and casting agents from many of the UK’s top opera companies. This provides invaluable exposure to the performers as they make their own way in the competitive singing world. HGO’s balance of family atmosphere and professionalism is like no other, and I’ve made some lifelong friends. I can’t thank HGO enough for their support in my professional development.

William Johnston Davies

 The Marriage of Figaro (November, 2013)

HGO provides young singers with invaluable opportunities at the beginning of their careers. Joining an HGO production means being welcomed into a friendly, supportive environment to work with talented directors and conductors, and explore the challenges of learning, preparing and performing full roles. HGO offers a fantastic chance to develop as an opera performer: to improve one’s stagecraft and musicianship; to perform with an orchestra; to experience the pacing of a full run of shows; to be seen in performance by critics and potential future employers; and much more. After being part of two HGO productions, I feel so much better prepared as I begin my professional career. Well-reputed companies like HGO are a wonderful asset to London’s cultural life. With your help, HGO will be able to provide even better support for more young singers at the start of their careers. It has helped me prepare for upcoming roles such as; the title role in Handel’s Belshazzar for Trinity Laban Opera; Ruggiero Caccini’s La liberazione di Ruggiero dall’isola di Alcina for Ursula’s Arrow.