HGO People

HGO is the performing arm of the not-for-profit organization HGO Trust Ltd. The Trust is a  registered charity (no. 1168484) and consists of a Board of Directors and Trust Members, all of whom give their services on a voluntary basis. The Trust has no employees or overhead expenses, and dedicates its entire income directly to its objectives of advancing young singers through the presentation of high-quality opera productions and associated activities.

We are fortunate to have as our co-presidents, Howard Williams and Emma Kirkby DBE.  The directors of the company, who are also its charity trustees, are:

David Conway – Chairman
Alastair Macgeorge – Chairman Emeritus
Martin Musgrave – Deputy Chairman
Roger Sainsbury, Patricia Cabredo Hofherr, Linda Hirst

The members of the Executive Committee, who carry out the everyday work of the Trust, are:

David Conway, Alastair Macgeorge, Roger Sainsbury, Kathy Dallas, Philip Sheffield, Bill English and Don Hunter.

We are always glad to consider active  new Members for the company who would be interested in working with us to support and develop our activities. Please email David at  david.conway@hgo.org.uk  if you may be interested in joining us.