Friends of HGO

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Question no. 1. Have you enjoyed performances by HGO at Jacksons Lane?

Question no. 2. Do you expect to come to future performances?

Question no. 3. Do you think that HGO performs a useful, even important, social and artistic function?

Only you can answer questions 1 and 2. Let us help you to give a positive answer to question 3.

The first purpose served by HGO is to bring live opera twice a year at affordable prices to Highgate and the surrounding areas of north London. The standard of singing, acting, playing and production, coupled with the extraordinary intimacy of the Jacksons Lane theatre is such that opera is truly brought to life – sometimes to an extent beyond that experienced in major opera houses. Surely this is a significant public benefit.

Another key purpose is to provide opportunities for young singers to perform roles that, early in their careers, they wouldn’t be given in the big opera companies. Many of our singers are recent graduates from music college or students approaching the end of their course. They are hungry for experience in staged productions with professional orchestra in a company like HGO, with a good reputation and high standards, and five performances in which to develop their role; and they value the boost that a major role with HGO can give them on their way to a successful career.

If you are fully persuaded on question 3, we can move on to question 4. What are you going to do to express your positive conviction? Wouldn’t you like to become a Friend of HGO and give us some financial support to enable us to continue in these important objectives?

HGO Finances

We are determined to maintain a key element of our social offering – affordable prices. At the prices we charge, it is impossible even with high attendance figures to break even with our productions. Every opera needs a subsidy. In the past the generosity of a small number of financial supporters has  allowed us to keep going. Our situation is becoming more and more strained. The future of HGO will be in doubt unless we can build a larger core of committed financial supporters – Friends of HGO.

Will you become a Friend? Please. NOW!

 How to Become a Friend

Click here to access our Friends brochure

You can join the Friends of HGO (as a single member or a couple) at one of five levels.

Seraph – £50 or more per year
Angel – £100 or more per year
Archangel – £200 or more per year
Hierarch – £500 or more per year

Of course your purpose in becoming a Friend is to help HGO – but there are some small benefits which we shall offer to Friends as circumstances allow, such as:

– An e-mail priority booking period whereby you can ensure that you get seats on your preferred night even for our most popular operas.

– E-mail newsletters with news of HGO singers and their careers, reprints of reviews, a look forward to the next opera.

– Discussion over a glass of wine – either reviewing a recent production or looking forward to a coming one.

– The opportunity to attend rehearsals.

The value of your support will be considerably enhanced if we can recover tax through Gift Aid (and indeed you may be able also to recover tax). The convenient way for you and HGO to make your annual donation will be by banker’s order. If you have now decided that you want to become a Friend please complete this form; send the left hand part to your bank and return the right hand part to the Friends Secretary. Roger Sainsbury, 88 Dukes Avenue, London N10 2QA. If you have any queries contact Roger at 020 8883 4927 or rnsainsbury88@gmail.com

Emily Phillips

Dove, Mansfield Park (April 2013)

130417 HGO's Mansfield Park AHGO is one of the finest small opera companies I have worked with. Their production teams are drawn from the professional operatic world who, having worked in prestigious opera houses themselves, never fail to create exciting, imaginative, and often challenging productions for their singers. I’ve had the opportunity to learn and perform whole roles with HGO, which has provided a backbone to my training and boosted my own professional career. Since singing with the company, I have performed several seasons with Opera Holland Park and was awarded a cover role at Grange Park Opera this year. HGO’s reputation has grown considerably over the last few years, attracting interest from opera critics and casting agents from many of the UK’s top opera companies. This provides invaluable exposure to the performers as they make their own way in the competitive singing world. HGO’s balance of family atmosphere and professionalism is like no other, and I’ve made some lifelong friends. I can’t thank HGO enough for their support in my professional development.

William Johnston Davies

Mozart, The Marriage of Figaro (November, 2013)

HGO provides young 131106 HGO s Figaro Dress1singers with invaluable opportunities at the beginning of their careers. Joining an HGO production means being welcomed into a friendly, supportive environment to work with talented directors and conductors, and explore the challenges of learning, preparing and performing full roles. HGO offers a fantastic chance to develop as an opera performer: to improve one’s stagecraft and musicianship; to perform with an orchestra; to experience the pacing of a full run of shows; to be seen in performance by critics and potential future employers; and much more. After being part of two HGO productions, I feel so much better prepared as I begin my professional career. Well-reputed companies like HGO are a wonderful asset to London’s cultural life. With your help, HGO will be able to provide even better support for more young singers at the start of their careers. It has helped me prepare for upcoming roles such as; the title role in Handel’s Belshazzar for Trinity Laban Opera; Ruggiero Caccini’s La liberazione di Ruggiero dall’isola di Alcina for Ursula’s Arrow.